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Faith: Leaving things behind

September 28, 2016

Who of you have gotten to a point where you need to leave things behind to move forward or to make a new start? Who of you have needed to make a change for yourself?

I’ve come to a point where the corporate job industry doesn’t work for me anymore. And I came to this point when I decided I wanted to try and pursue book blogging full time. Now everyone knows how safe the corporate job industry is; simply because you get a stable income.

The point that I’ve come to has probably been coming for quite a while. I’ve been in the corporate industry for about nine years now. Now most of you would probably think that that isn’t a long time. But it’s long enough for me; actually, more than long enough. It’s been coming since about a year after a started working.

Now, since most (if not all) of you don’t know me, I’m going to tell you this:

I thrive in a creative space. I’ve got my own structure, but that structure that I like working with definitely won’t be tolerated in the corporate job market. For me to thrive (I’ll go into more depth about ‘thriving’ in a later post), I’m going to need to leave the corporate job industry. But also, the change I need to make is for myself (this will also be explained along with ‘thriving’).

I once read that the corporate job industry is toxic; and this definitely rings true for me. I know that most people won’t ever come to the point that I have, and that they either like the corporate world (and thrive in it), or they have no choice but to be there. I most certainly take off my hat to people that can cope in the corporate job market.

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Faith: Planning…with a lot of patience

September 26, 2016

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. To be able to get all my thoughts down in one post is not going to happen, so I’m going to have to do this little by little.

I’ve recently had a go at doing book blogging, and as the months have gone along, I’ve considered leaping in the world of blogging full time…but those that have been into book blogging for awhile know that ¬†going into a blogging career doesn’t happen overnight, as well as the fact that it doesn’t give a person financial stability unlike a normal 9 – 5 job.

The research that I’ve done so far, I’ve come up with the following options to consider that will bring me a little bit closer to becoming a blogger full time:

  • Affiliate Marketing (books related)
  • Sponsored or paid adverts

Now I know that just these two options only bring a very small amount of income, so I would have to consider adding other ideas that could bring a more stabilized income (something that I’d be able to do from home). Since I currently have a full time job, the only time that I get to work on trying to get closer to going into blogging full time is when I get home, and those that have a full time job know that when you get home, you’re tired. Which results in only getting things going in bits and pieces, and doing this can drag things out for months on end if not years.

I also know that the options above require a person to have quite a good blog going along with a very good social media presence, and doing these two things also take time as well, which at the end of the day requires a lot of patience, persistence and perseverance.

This is only one part of the blogging journey that I’m on, there’s still quite a bit more that has led me to making this decision to start the self-employment (blogging) process and wanting to go this particular route. I’ll be going into more detail as I put more posts up.

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