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Don’t feel like getting things done today, but…

January 22, 2018

I’m still making myself get things done anyways!

Hello Everyone,

That is quite an intro, isn’t it?

A lot of things have happened since I’ve last posted here…which was quite a while back. I won’t update you on everything in one post; we’ll do that in a couple of posts, but for now; I’ll update you on the thoughts that I’m having today.

I’m officially self-employed (I’ll be talking about that in another post), and the day that has finally approached me is where I don’t feel like getting things done, but I’m doing it anyways.

I reckon that I’m most likely going to try and take it slow today (and maybe cut myself a little bit of slack along the way; you know, not being too hard on myself), and get done what I can.

Good news; I’ve already done my schedule for the week…now I’ve just got to figure out what to do next. One thing I definitely have to try and do today is sort through my email (that’s usually a little bit of a schlep, but it needs to get done). Another option is that I also need to get some reading done as well, so that will also be on the schedule.

As you can see, I don’t have a shortage of things to do, it’s just that I don’t feel like getting things done today, even though there are one or two things in that list that need to get done (remember the schedule I mentioned previously?). So let’s get on with it…

Until next time,



Leaps and Bounds…

May 26, 2017

Hello Everyone,

These few weeks have opened quite a few doors for me and have been able to allow me to progress forward financially and the way I can now purchase things. Previously, I wasn’t able to do things like online banking, purchasing, or swiping my bank card. Now that I’ve upgraded my bank account, I’ve had a whole new world open to me.

One thing that I’ve got to be aware of though, is to keep an eye on my bank balance. As I’m progressing through this new freedom that I have, I’m starting to plan how my budget is going to look every month.

And, while I’m at it, since I now have a financial freedom online, I also plan on using it to benefit organisations like non-profits. What I want to do in this area, is pick one non-profit every month, see what I can afford, and donate to the non-profit of my choice. I’m going to develop a list of non-profits that I’m familiar with, and then every month, go down the list and donate to each of the ones I have on my list.

Another freedom that I now have, is being able to support authors as well, and by this I mean by buying their books. Most of the time, it will probably be restricted to ebooks (since shipping is expensive), but previously, I also wasn’t able to do a simple thing like this. I do have a limit as to how much I will spend on an ebook though.

I’ve still got to explore this new freedom of mine more thoroughly, but so far, it’s been such a nice experience.

Until next time,


Decisions to be made…

April 30, 2017

Apparently I’ve come to a fork in the road after reading ‘The Best Yes’ by Lysa TerKeurst. There’s quite a few things that I’ve learnt (sometimes the hard way) lately. But I know that this will lead to better things.

One thing I’ve learnt and can look back on, is that decisions are powerful – whatever decision you decide to make. All I know at this point in time is that my focus has changed. And my values have grown – up to a point where I need to detach myself in some areas to carry on growing and functioning.

And here’s where I pause; because the direction I want to go in – would require me to leave the safety of the corporate world – though for me to carry on functioning (and growing), I would NEED to leave the corporate world. There are some values that I’ve taken on that wouldn’t be supported by the corporate world.

But I’d have to do research to see how viable this direction is – and if there’s anything additional that I’m going to have to do to support myself. And if I do – that’s going to involve getting creative – which I most certainly don’t mind doing, but we all know that ideas and creativity take time to implement and bring to fruition. So the question remains – am I going to dive into this book blogging business?

Until next time,


Pleasantly speechless…

November 21, 2016

I’m doing this post in between the planning of a book blog post, that is going to be part of a book blog tour. I looked at my stats for my book blog, and for the second time I have been rendered pleasantly speechless.

I have been getting more views on my blog lately, and I am absolutely ecstatic about it! When I see things like this, then I know that the path I’m on to wanting to become a self employed book blogger is worth it; that all the planning that I’m doing is worth it.

As I’ve said previously, ideas have been flowing; and I’m hoping to put one of them out into the world of the internet and social media soon. I’ve just got to see to the finer details of it first and make sure that everything is in place. I’ll also keep you in suspense until closer to the time. All I’ll say at this stage, is that it is a read-a-thon that I’m planning (those that are in the book world will know what I’m talking about).

If things carry on going uphill (like I’m hoping), then I might be able to do a transition into a place next year where I will be a little bit closer to being self-employed. But I’ll also leave explaining what I mean by ‘transition’ in a later post.

Until next time,


PS. I would just like to say THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has supported me in anyway with my book blog and my blogging journey so far; you are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!

Too many ideas…

November 21, 2016

…And too little time. This is starting to frustrate me, and I wonder when or if I’m going to have to start sacrificing things to try and bring these ideas to life in a little less time than I know they’ll be able to manifest.

I know that some things take time, and that I probably have to much going on right now (think reading, writing, work, and then add ideas in as well), but I’m also getting frustrated with where I am now, simply because I have to stifle some things to try and get things done.

I haven’t been on here in a while simply because I’m trying to cram things in after work. I’ve also just recently taken on another responsibility (so much for leaving the financial world behind, but I’ll get into that in another post), so I’ll probably have a little less time to do things.

One thing I will say, is that ideas are flowing, and I’m grateful for that. I suppose it’s just a thing of prioritizing my time. There’s also another reading related idea floating around, I’ve also got a poll on twitter (one day left to participate) that gives you an idea of one of the things that I’ve been working on. I’ll keep you in suspense until then.

Until next time,


What I’ve been up to lately…

November 6, 2016

I haven’t been on here for a little while, so let me tell you a little bit about what I’ve been doing:

  • Writing (think National Novel Writing Month, or what the participants like to call NaNo
  • Reading (at least trying to in between all of the writing)
  • And lastly, working

Work has been up and down as usual, but it’s also been busy as well. With writing, I’ve just been keeping my head above water, but I’m hoping to get a little ahead today, so that I might have some time to do other things as well (such as reading).

As for reading, I’ve piled too many book on my to-read list this month (again), so I’m hoping to get through this list, and this is obviously going to have to get done in between all the writing.

It’s probably going to go like this the whole month, so there will probably be days where I cram things in, and then days where I’ll be able to catch up on things – this weekend was a perfect example of being able to catch up on writing.

Let me know if any of you are taking part in NaNo, and how you are doing with your writing.

Until next time,


Thoughts: Genetics and Traits

October 12, 2016

Disclaimer: The opinions and thoughts that I’m about to post are my own; these are just some of the things that cross my mind as I go through life watching people and situations. I’m by no means an expert, I am not claiming to know it all; and am not by any means telling people how to act/react in a situation or how to live or think.

Lately, I’ve been around babies/toddlers or have been hearing second-hand about them and their behaviour. I’m not a mother myself, haven’t ever wanted to be, and still don’t want to be (I know this might seem very shocking to people since I am a 28 year old woman, and believe it or not I am, by choice, single, and also heterosexual). So I am not an expert in this area either, but I do have very specific ideals about what it takes to raise a child (especially in today’s world), and what sort of an environment a child should be in. I’m also by no means saying that it is easy to raise a child, which brings me to my next point:

Why do people take the responsibility of raising a child and bringing a child into this world so lightly? Do they ever think about what traits or character they want their child to have; and if they do, do they keep this in mind when picking a partner? Do they ever think about how their child could turn out if brought up in the wrong environment or if their partner doesn’t have the best traits or character?

What defines how a child turns out? Genetics, environment, what the parents emulate? Is it a equal combination of everything, or do one of those things have a slightly higher say in how a child turns out?

Sometimes I think people stick their heads in the sand about their partner’s faults, which is fine, until a child is involved. What happens when things go wrong and the child starts taking on/mirroring the not-so-great character and traits? Do the parents continue to ignore what’s been staring at them in the face for quite awhile, or do they suddenly realize that their choice of partner wasn’t such a great one, or that the environment that they’ve been exposing their child to hasn’t actually been that good after all? Think about it this way: What will Murphy’s Law dictate? Will the child end up with more not-so-great traits and character than with good ones?

Take note, I’m not talking about worst-case-scenario parents here, I’m talking about relatively basic things, some examples being: parents that constantly need attention (whatever that attention may be), parents that constantly need validation, parents that are insecure (I’m taking about huge crater-size insecurities, ones that can affect character and behaviour, not minor ones that a person can brush off), parents that can’t actually afford to be parents but still are, people that became parents at a young age (about 50 years ago this scenario was still fine, this is most certainly not the case today), and when I say young age, I’m talking about anywhere from 16 until about 22; parents that are emotionally needy, parents that are impatient, parents that don’t actually want to be parents but still are, parents that make the wrong choices because they look in the wrong place for their value, parents that are irresponsible (this can present itself in various ways), etc. I think you get my point.

At the back of my mind, I wonder how these kids will turn out, what (possibly bad) coping strategies will they develop, along with not-so-great character and traits, that will also pass onto their kids when that stage comes to pass. There’s unfortunately a lot of things that have become acceptable, that weren’t acceptable 50 years back, and I wonder how much of it is due to a changing society, to lack of parenting, bad coping strategies or a not-so-great environment.

Take note: I am an aunt – to a nephew. Here are the things I plan on teaching him; if these particular traits happen to be absent at a later age: respect for other people (especially women); to have patience (I most certainly do not believe in instant gratification); to not throw temper tantrums; where to look to for his security and value (to God); to not be defined by his circumstances and upbringing; I will most certainly teach him morals, values and standards (something I don’t think today’s society has any idea about); how to have a good attitude, how to wisely choose a partner and to make good choices.

I do realize that a lot of parents try to make the best of circumstances and trying to juggle everything, but I also think that parents also sometimes focus on the wrong things, or ignore things that they shouldn’t; things that can later have consequences.

Last Disclaimer: I know that I have probably stepped on quite a few landmines broaching this sensitive topic, but I hope that when people read it, that they either have an eureka moment, or realize where I’m coming from. If you’re not a parent yet, and are in the dating world (I’m using ‘dating’ in a very broad sense here), please think ten times before you put yourself in a position where you bring a child into the world and can’t look after it for whatever reason (be it financial, emotional, circumstantial, etc), simply because at the end of the day, it’s the child that suffers for your choice.

Until next time,


Thoughts: Negativity

October 11, 2016

Today’s been an up and down day. And again, something has been re-enforced to me:

I need to get away from negativity.

I find that in the corporate world, and I think in particular the care-giving industry; there’s a lot of negativity in terms of things that a person has to deal with, has to see to, has to try and sort through, everything that has to be listened to; that just gets a little bit much sometimes. I need to take myself out of an environment that can give people a reason to be negative.

Make no mistake, there are positives, but there has come a point where negativity has tipped the scales; that it’s not worth it to be in that environment anymore. I need to be in an environment where I can control how much negativity comes my way and what I can take into account and what I can toss.

I’m also aware that the environment that I’m working my way towards isn’t always going to be sunshine and roses, but I will still be in control of a lot of the environment that I’m in, and in control of what I expose myself to.

At this point in time, I’m being exposed involuntarily to a mostly negative environment, and I need to get away from that. And I know that I’m steadily getting closer to where I want to be.

Until next time,


Thoughts: People that demand

October 9, 2016

This is something that has basically always bugged me, but recently, I came to a point where I’ve put up a boundary in my mind, in other words, I’m going to try and not be around people like this. The only problem is that as long as I’m in my current job, I’m unfortunately going to be exposed to people that demand.

I am aware that I shouldn’t just ‘block’ people off like that, especially if I don’t know what went on prior to them making their demand known (and not very nicely at that either), but I believe that in the service industry (and I know that some people won’t agree with me on this), a customer should be nice to those that are giving them the service. If there happens to be something that a customer doesn’t like, why must a temper tantrum be thrown just because things aren’t going the way the customer wants it to; surely a calm explanation will do the trick?

And yes, I also know that there are limits to this, but people should try as far as possible to be nice to ones that serve them. But I suppose ‘people that demand’ are unfortunately the byproduct of the western world most of us live in.

Take note, that I am a customer as well, and I try as far as possible to be nice (some people that know me better would say that I’m too nice), but I do try to practice what I preach.

Until next time,


Thoughts: Ideas

October 5, 2016

These past two days have been pretty awesome! My book blogging journey is about to start moving forward, simply because I’ve started getting ideas of where I want to go with this book blog, new additions that I’d like to do, and what I want the final website to look like.

I’ve kept notes on my phone about the things that I want to do. Whether they’re going to actually work or not, only time will tell once the website is up. It feels like I’m finally starting to make progress, move forward, and have found a breakthrough…one that I’m hoping will work.

But even though all these ideas are flying through my head, I am still trying to be realistic and I know that these things will take time, and that results won’t happen overnight.

A lot of the additions will only take place once I’m close to becoming self-employed, simply because these will be things that are going to be time consuming, and I know that once I’m self-employed, I’ll have a lot more time to blog and to be active on social media.

The link to my current book blog is here

Feel free to check it out, I post at least once a week.

Until next time.